What is SubSchool?

SubSchool is an online course and collaboration platform designed to build the key competencies needed to thrive as a sub. In SubSchool, subs can access self-paced courses, join live, facilitated classes and workshops, and collaborate with peers. SubSchool is powered by Substantial, a nonprofit organization dedicated to unlocking the potential of substitute teaching.
Competency Framework

Bring SubSchool to your community!

With a subscription to SubSchool, you offer your substitute teachers a place to connect, learn, and grow.

Check with your employer to see if they're a SubSchool partner and ask for the access link.

If your district is not a partner, you can still enroll in our free "Welcome to Substitute Teaching" course.


  • What is SubSchool?

    SubSchool is the first - and only - course and collaboration platform designed for substitute teachers. We offer modern, dynamic courses that teach foundational knowledge for substitute teachers, and we also provide live, facilitated live virtual events for substitutes to interact with education experts and with each other. Our professional development offerings are multi-faceted and ongoing, giving subs the chance to build their teaching practice throughout their subbing career.

  • How do SubSchool memberships work?

    Districts, charter management organizations (CMOs), and staffing agencies subscribe to give their substitute teachers access to SubSchool. If you are an employer who would like to bring SubSchool to your substitute teachers, learn more here: https://substantialclassrooms.org/subschool/.

  • I'm a substitute teacher. Can I purchase my own membership?

    We don't offer individual memberships because we think your employer should pay for professional development. But we do offer a limited number of sponsored memberships to subs who are willing to test new courses and features. Email us to ask to join the list: [email protected]. We recommend you start by taking the Welcome to Substitute Teaching course, which is free to everyone.

  • My employer is a SubSchool partner. How do I login to SubSchool? Do I have to pay extra to access any of the SubSchool features?

    Each employer has a unique link to log in to SubSchool. Reach out to your HR department to get the link. All of SubSchool's features are included with an employer's subscription. You can engage in all elements at your own pace - and you'll never be asked to pay more to participate in a program.

  • How many courses are in SubSchool?

    SubSchool offers 11 courses. We have 9 foundational courses - Welcome to Substitute Teaching, the Classroom Management series (4 courses), the Facilitating Instruction series (4 courses), and 2 advanced courses - Trauma-Informed Teaching and Supporting Students with Disabilities.

  • How much time will it take to finish a course and will I get a certificate of completion?

    The courses are designed to take 1.5 - 3 hours to complete. Courses vary in length and every student interacts with the courses differently. And yes! You will receive an official SubSchool certificate of completion for each course. It will have the name of the course, your name, the date that you completed the course.

  • How often does SubSchool host live, virtual events?

    SubSchool offers two types of live events: workshops and coaching sessions. In workshops (3 meetings a month), you go deeper into the SubSchool course topics with your peers. In coaching sessions (2 meetings a month), you ask questions and connect with other subs.

  • What content is taught in SubSchool?

    All of our content - courses and live events - is designed to build the core competencies that subs need to thrive. We are guided by SubSchool's Sub Competency Framework, which outlines skills, knowledge, and qualities that we know make a strong substitute teacher.

  • Who will I learn from and how is the content presented?

    SubSchool has identified a diverse group of education and youth development leaders to share their expertise with you. In our courses, you will hear from full-time teachers, experienced substitutes, social workers, school staff, and others who have spent years working with children. In our workshops, you'll meet leaders in the education profession who have tailored their content to the unique experience of substitute teaching. In our small group classes and coaching sessions, your facilitators will be experienced educators with deep skills and knowledge around the core competencies that substitute teachers need to thrive. But, perhaps most importantly you'll be learning from - and sharing your expertise with - substitute teachers from across the country.