What You'll Get From This Course

"Welcome to Substitute Teaching," will set you up for a successful start to your substitute teaching journey. The curriculum is based on the Substitute Teacher Competency Framework. In this course you will build your knowledge and understanding of:

  • How to prepare, begin, and complete a teaching assignment
  • Your role in the school community
  • The different types of teaching placements
  • How to manage instruction
  • How your identity and personality influence your interactions in the classroom

We've prepared some awesome material for you, and we're so excited for you to get started. Happy learning!

What else can I expect from this course?

  • Practical knowledge and skills

  • Perspective and encouragement from other substitute teachers

  • Strategies for making confident and well-informed decisions

Course Curriculum

    1. Orientation to Course

    2. Pre-Course Question

    1. Welcome to Substitute Teaching

    2. What to Expect in This Course

    3. Reflect: Course Learning Goals

    4. Community: Course Learning Goals

    1. So, You're Ready to Sub?

    2. Reflect: Excitement and Nerves

    3. Community: Excitement and Nerves

    4. Getting an Assignment

    5. Choosing a School

    6. Reflect: Choosing the Right School

    7. Community: Choose the Right School

    8. Choosing a Grade Level

    9. Gathering Information

    10. Things to Try

    11. Prepare Yourself

    12. Be Prepared for Change

    13. Reflect: Maintaining Morale

    14. Community: Maintaining Morale

    15. Bag-of-Tricks

    16. Reflect: Building a Bag-of-Tricks

    17. Community: Building a Bag-of-Tricks

    1. Arrive Early

    2. Get Acquainted with the School

    3. Check-in

    4. Say Hello!

    5. Build Relationships

    6. Reflect: Meeting New People

    7. Community: Meeting New People

    8. Scan the Classroom

    9. Get Ready for the Day

    1. Meeting Your Students

    2. Reflection: Setting Expectations

    3. Community: Setting Expectations

    4. How the Day Flows

    5. Reflection: A Day-in-the-Life

    6. Community: A Day-in-the-Life

    7. Taking Care of Yourself

    8. Reflection: Self-Care

    9. Community: Self-Care

    1. Closing & Dismissal

    2. Administrative Tasks

    3. Reflecting on Your Day

About this course

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