New to Substitute Teaching?

You are in the right place! We made the "Welcome to Substitute Teaching" course just for you. Click below to enroll.

Welcome to Substitute Teaching

This course covers the basics of substitute teaching and prepares you for your first assignment. Here are some of the themes of the course:

  • Sub placements and types of assignments you might enjoy

  • Preparing for your first day of substitute teaching

  • Arriving at a school

  • Orienting yourself to the classroom

  • Reading and following the daily plan (aka a sub plan)

  • Closing out and reflecting on your day


  • What's SubSchool?

    This course is part of SubSchool, an online course + collaboration platform from Substantial Classrooms, a national nonprofit on a mission to unlock the potential of substitute teaching. SubSchool is a place for substitute teachers to come together to learn and grow. Districts, Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), and staffing agencies subscribe to give their substitute teachers access to SubSchool.

  • I'm an experienced sub, can I still take Welcome to Substitute Teaching?

    You are welcome to check out the course! We have included tips along the way that are useful to subs at all stages of their career. We hope it helps to you too.

  • Are there additional courses in SubSchool?

    SubSchool offers additional courses, Webinars, and opportunities to learn and collaborate with other subs. If your district is a partner, you will find a link in Red Rover, just below the link to this course.

  • Can I sign up for additional courses on my own?

    We don't offer individual memberships because we think your employer should pay for PD. But we do keep a list of substitute teachers who are willing to test new courses and features. Email us to ask to join the list: